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We present to you the epitome of modern glamor and romance. Alessia is stunning and perfectly combines tradition with contemporary charm. A delicate, elegant and feminine design made up of a structured bodice with a deep "V" neckline and vertical lines that elongate and flatter the figure. Next to the bodice flows a voluminous "A" cut skirt that dazzles as it falls in a cascade forming the tail. to the ground. The fabric falls elegantly, creating a sensation of movement and fluidity, all made of exquisite tulle adorned with 3D flowers and glitter embroidery details that provide heavenly sparkles as you walk down the aisle. Perfect for the bride who wants to exude grace and glamor on her special day.

To further enhance the look, you can add the Alessia bolero, made from the same exquisite fabric as the dress. The Alessia bolero adds a touch of versatility that captivates and creates an incredible visual and style effect. The bolero complements the dress perfectly, enhancing its glamor and charm. It's a finishing touch that guarantees you'll shine like a star on your wedding day.

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